Thirsty Planet Going NATiVE

Local Brewing Company Thirsty Planet Expands Commitment to the Earth

Thirsty Planet Brewing, Co. ( has been brewing beer in Austin since 2010. They are inspired by the history of beer, its humble, but amazing beginnings, the way it brings people together, and its unbelievable versatility. They believe that the best way to share their enthusiasm for life is not just through creating the perfect beer but also through supporting the community that enjoys it. Gratuities from their tasting room are donated to a different charity each month. Every year over half of the proceeds from their Silverback Pale Ale sales support the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, and each year they donate to and sponsor as many local charities as possible.

Like NATiVE, Thirsty Planet strives to support the people and place that sustains them. In their day to day operations, their spent grain is donated to local farmers for animal feed. Their yeast and trube goes to a local composting facility, and they recycle all cardboard, paper, and glass products at their brewery.

After growing up off of Circle Drive in west Austin, Thirsty Planet finally outgrew their 30bbl system and acquired the old Capital Area Food Bank building on South Congress where they could construct a 60 bbl brewhouse and tasting room. They contracted NATiVE to convert the existing 50,000 sq ft building into their new brewery and tasting room. This collaboration between two like-minded, west Austin companies, will help Thirsty Planet dramatically increase their brewing capacity without sacrificing their commitment to sustainability.

NATiVE is repurposing the existing building, while reusing and recycling the existing building materials such as windows, commercial refrigeration panels, and structural steel. This building approach helps reduce waste and keeps the construction process as green as possible. Once the new brewhouse and tasting room is complete, Thirsty Planet has plans to make the building more sustainable by adding NATiVE installed solar panels and rainwater collection.

Thirsty Planet

Stay tuned for more updates on the construction of the new Thirsty Planet Brewhouse and Tasting Room, and soon we’ll all be able to cheers a pint to the planet!

If you are a local Austin charity that is Thirsty Planet worthy, email them at

Thirsty Planet
Brewed with Passion, Committed to the Planet.