You’ll Benefit from the NATiVE Solar Advantage

The NATiVE Solar Statement of Qualifications will provide you with a detailed overview of the advantages we will bring to your clean energy project.



Solar is more than the sum of its parts. Our optimized design approach results in higher performance and greater reliability for our clients.



Years of experience building homes and solar projects for residential and commercial clients. We are committed to utilizing our extensive skills to ensure each client receives exceptional value from our services.



Going solar starts with strong economics. By combining our purchasing power with 36 members of the AMICUS Solar Cooperative, we provide more solar for less money, without cutting corners on workmanship, safety or client experience.



Your solar project must be a success. Eliminate the risk by selecting a proven and trusted solar partner. We have worked hard to earn our reputation and maintain it though quality control, professionalism and integrity. ( 2017 Top 100 Reviewed Installers)