Solar Power Is Growing Way Faster Than Predicted

solar power is growing

Even though it is still fall, it’s surprisingly cold outside. Even here in Central Texas. This most recent cold front that blanketed the Rocky Mountains with snow, and caused many of us Texans to break out the winter wardrobe, makes us start to really think about winter.

As we approach November, December, and the first quarter of 2019, many solar companies across the country will see a big decline in the number of new customers. In some parts of the country, it may be very difficult to even install solar in the winter, so the growth of installed capacity slows a bit nationally.

Here in Texas, however, the winter months can be the best time to get solar. Solar panel efficiency is better in cooler temperatures, plus having your system all ready to go before the summer will help you save money during the peak energy demands of the hottest months of the year.

So, even though winter is coming, the sun still shines in Texas, and not even the harshest winter will slow solar industry growth. This is the time to really start looking at solar, especially if you own your home and are still renting your energy from the utility. Getting your system online for 2019 will provide you with an entire year of savings and lock you into the last year for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Take a look below at this great video Solar Power Is Growing Way Faster Than Predicted by and these charts from SEIA to get a better understanding on how and when we will all be powering our lives with the sun:

Solar Power Is Growing
Solar Power Is Growing
Solar Power Is Growing

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