Our sister company, NATiVE Solar, is one of the longest running, most established solar installation companies in Texas. Comprised of a team of solar industry professionals with unrivaled skills and expertise, NATiVE Solar has earned its reputation as one of the best, most dependable solar power companies in Texas.

NATiVE Solar has an award-winning commitment to delivering intelligent, custom solar power solutions from a holistic approach to Texas homeowners and business owners. Visit the NATiVE Solar website to learn more.

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Solar homes in Central Texas

Solar Power for Your New Custom Home

Nearly all our new custom homes include solar power. After constructing a tight, high-performing home, adding solar panels to offset the remaining energy usage is the last step in achieving net-zero.

When designing a custom home, it’s important to ensure that there will be ample roof space (in the correct orientation) for the solar panel array. Having a metal roof is a plus because the solar panels for your home can be installed without having to make any roof penetrations.

If a client has a desire for battery backup and power storage, we have the expertise and products available to make this happen. In the very least, we like to design our systems to easily implement batteries in the future.

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