Project Description

Vineyard Ridge – Driftwood, Texas

Winner of Fine Homebuilding Magazine’s
Best Energy-Smart Home of the Year 2015

Vineyard Ridge is a 3,200 square foot net zero home with a 5 star rating designed by Danze & Davis Architects, Inc. This project incorporates passive solar design, clerestory windows, active cupola, day lighting, spray foam envelope, geothermal heat pump with hot water recovery, 7.75 kw solar array, dual flush toilets, 30,000 potable rainwater collection system, 100% High efficiency LED lighting, bamboo cabinets, stained concrete and engineered flooring, native landscaping, high performance windows, large overhangs, native stone, and energy star appliances.

Home images courtesy of digitized house magazine

2015 Smart Energy Home of the Year

Construction Time-Lapse