Project Description

Lucas Lane – Austin, TX

The Lucas Ln. Project is a 6.50kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array consisting of 26 Phono solar modules. Each module has a rated output of 250 watts. Individual micro-inverters are mounted behind each solar panel, which allows for a parallel wiring scheme to be utilized and overall solar production to be increased. Real-time solar production can be viewed on a web browser dashboard, giving this homeowner clear information to feel secure that his investment is paying the correct dividends.

Our client can expect to generate a minimum of 25 years, maintenance free, clean energy from his solar array, offsetting hundreds of tons of CO2 over it’s lifetime.

  • 6.50kW Solar Array
  • 26 Phono 250W Solar Panels
  • 26 Enphase Micro-inverters


First Month of Lucas Lane Residential Solar Production

Lucas Lane


Environmental Benefits of Lucas Lane Solar Array

Lucas Lane
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