Project Description

Iron Horse Way – Helotes, Texas

The Iron Horse Way Solar Project is a 12.2kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array capable of providing 17,000 kWh per year or roughly 60% of our clients total power needs. The 52 solar panels are installed on a ground mount at the back of the property and will provide maintenance free power for the next 25 years. By the clients request, extra attention was paid to ensure the resulting solar array would be an aesthetic compliment to the already beautiful San Antonio Area home. This was accomplished by matching solar mounting structure to the graduating slope of the terrain and adding crushed granite at the base of the solar panels to give a clean, orderly finish to the project.

Native did a fantastic job with our solar panel array design and layout. They spent a considerable amount of time assuring that placement was correct in order to not only provide aesthetic appeal, but also more importantly maximize efficiency coming from the system. The final product was beautiful!
– Michael F.

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