Project Description

FM 1704 – Elgin, Texas

The FM 1704 Project is a beautiful, high-performance home with an abundance of energy-saving solutions in Elgin. Our clients requested an energy-efficient escape home on a 16-acre site in rural Elgin that would be maintenance friendly, age-in-place adaptable, and whose sculptural quality could harbor for their expressive family.

With its dominant east-west axis, the maximizes control of solar gain control; its placement was carefully adjusted to allow all of the nearby trees to thrive. The standing seam roof’s pitch and azimuth provide optimal solar PV and fills a 20,000-gallon rainwater cistern.

This home was NATiVE built and features a unique design by Lévy Kohlhaas.

  • 29,000 gallon Rainwater collection tank
  • 5.00kW Solar array
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Advanced framing
  • Natural day lighting