Project Description

Brookhurst – San Antonio, TX

The Brookhurst Project is a 7.28 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array consisting of 31 solar panels. Each solar panel has a rated output of 235 watts and the total projected production from this system is 9,533 kWh per year. Individual micro-inverters are mounted behind each solar panel, which allows for a parallel wiring scheme to be utilized and overall solar production to be increased by 10-20%. Real-time solar production can be viewed on a web browser dashboard, giving our client clear information to feel secure that his investment is paying the correct dividends.

Our client can expect to generate a minimum of 25 years, maintenance free, clean energy from his solar panel array, offsetting hundreds of tons of CO2 over it’s lifetime and providing the equivalent benefit of planting 3,000 trees.

Declare Your Independence & Go Solar!