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Is solar right for you? What if you discovered oil or gas beneath your home? Would you tap into it and live power bill free? In Texas, the energy capital of the country, we have an unlimited and completely free power plant right over our heads. With more than 220 sunny days every year statewide, Texans have the opportunity to turn this abundant natural resource into clean and affordable energy. While providing a steady and predictable financial return, having solar allows you to:Hedge against rising energy costs, Increase your home’s value and marketability, Reduce your carbon footprint and be part of a cleaner tomorrow.In Texas, the sun shines a lot, and those of us who choose to call the Lone Star State our home have a unique opportunity to cash in on this abundant natural resource. Think of those sun rays as dollars bills falling on your roof. Read on if you want to learn how to join your fellow Texans in catching those rays while making money doing it.This paper is a guide to help you better understand the many factors that make up a solar purchase decision. After all, no two homes are the same, and no two families utilize electricity in exactly the same way. It’s important, therefore, to carefully explore all the criteria in order to optimize system design and deliver the best return on your solar investment. So please read on. You too can harness the sun to realize energy independence and live sustainably.