NATiVE Green Building Progress – “Works in Progress April 2016”

Welcome to the first release of our Monthly Work In Progress Photo blog where we visually reveal our green building in progress projects. Please enjoy these images and stay tuned for next months edition where we explore more of our unique projects under construction through the lens of design and photography.

Green Building Progress
The first thing any architect or builder worth his own salt will tell you is that we need to work with nature, not against it. This is the key mindset of sustainability. Every building site contains inherent natural potentials. This can mean average rainfall, prevailing winds, geothermal activity, even the ground beneath your very feet, or any number of other naturally occurring phenomena just waiting to be tapped for energy and resources.
Unfortunately, “traditional” home building, as developed in last 60 years, has blithely ignored these characteristics of the site at great cost in energy expenditures and at great cost to the environment.
Welcome to Green Building 101. Today’s subject is that body of warmth, life, and frightful electrical bills – the Sun.