Energy Efficient Upgrades

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Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your Home

With our holistic approach, an inefficient home can be transformed into a comfortable, energy-saving oasis.

NATiVE is your one-stop shop for energy efficient upgrades. We can enhance your home with deep energy retrofits, or as NATiVE refers to this type of work, “Holistic”. We utilize a whole-building analysis and construction process that uses “integrative design” to achieve much larger energy savings than conventional energy efficient retrofits. Our Holistic retrofits can be applied to both residential and commercial buildings, and results in notable savings over several years, which will significantly improve the building value.

Most people who do a Holistic energy efficient retrofit experience a transformation in how the house feels and works – not just in energy usage, but in the comfort and air quality throughout.

Energy Efficient Upgrades Provide:

  • Improved Comfort
  • Better Air to Breathe
  • Energy Conservation ($ave)
  • Reduced Greenhouse Emissions
  • Smarter Home (Automation)
  • Clean, Additive-Free Water
  • Remote Home Managaement
  • Water Conservation
  • High-Efficiency Appliances
  • Drought Resistant Landscaping

Energy Efficient Upgrades Include:

  • Sealing air leaks
  • Upgrading or improving insulation
  • Controlling ventilation
  • Managing moisture
  • Upgrading windows
  • Energy efficient HVAC & appliances
  • Increasing water heating efficiency
  • Upgrading roof
  • Adding solar PV
  • Adding Rainwater Collection

Efficiency Upgrade Services

Solar Panels
Rainwater Collection
Upgrade Your HVAC
Improve Your Building Envelope

Sustainable Net Zero Home Features

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Holistic Energy Efficient Upgrades

A Holistic retrofit transforms the way your home and/or business manages energy usage, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment, all the while saving you money! First, your home’s performance is tested and a home performance roadmap is made. Then we optimize your building’s envelope, improve HVAC performance, and provide renewable energy solutions like solar.

Build Smart. Build NATiVE.