Declare Your Energy Independence

energy independence

This great country of ours was founded on the fundamental principle of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To thankfully remind us of our freedom every year, we have our most beloved summer holiday, the Fourth of July, which is finally here. Undoubtedly, you’ve got the cooler already filled, the lawn chairs set in place and the grill all ready to go for the big day, but before you fire everything up for your closest family and friends, we at Native believe that folks can express their patriotism in a new and exciting way. Why not celebrate the holiday by going solar this summer and enjoy the long-term benefits of energy independence?

As it stands right now, the majority of us are merely consumers of excessive amounts of nonrenewable energy, and based on what your electric bill said lately, it is downright expensive. In 2012, the U.S. Energy Information Administration found that 9.8 million homeowners in Texas had an average monthly electricity consumption of 1,168 kWh, paying an average of $128.27 every month. Although we blindly associate it with the cost of living, it is unfortunately a great deal of money to be spending on what is really a one-way investment in favor of the electric company. In this business model, you are completely dependent on the electric company for your energy needs.

Consider how you could change that around simply by using the resources available to you, namely the sun and photovoltaic technology. Going solar means that you become a producer of energy, not just a consumer of it, and with the excess energy you can sell back to the grid, you are now more of a partner to the electric company. Unlike the standard consumer approach, a professionally installed and optimized solar panel system is an investment of your hard-earned money not only into your home, but your future. Want to ensure you have a stronger selling point to your home? Want to make sure you are taking an active role in going green and normalizing the use of solar energy in the American home? Want to stop wasting time and money? This is how you do it – by going solar today.

Still need some more convincing? Here are some numbers that can show you what energy independence can look like for you. Let’s say we evaluate the needs of your home. To do this, we look at its energy needs and its solar real estate, i.e., those areas on your home’s roof or property that get the most effective rays of the sun. We then deem a high quality 7.5 kW PV system is what you need. This system could potentially save you up to $95 off of your electric bill every month and only costs $89 each month with a low 12 year/2.99% financing.* A system like this is effectively paying for itself while you finance it, and you only stand to reap even bigger gains after it is paid off. However, to do nothing in this case, would be the real crime.

Now, ready your sparklers and get creative with how you display your red, white and blue this Independence Day! You might surprise yourself at how financially rewarding and environmentally smart going solar can be for your home or business.

*Note: Actual savings and payments may vary depending on available incentives, as well as your
home’s unique site conditions and existing electrical service.

References: U.S. Energy Information