“It is amazing to see the lot without the house, quite weird, really. Are we brave or crazy? People are asking. We say brave.” – Liz

We say brave too. Not everyone would decide to build a net zero house, sign off on the plans, and then leave to London for 10 months while construction takes place on the property you’ve spent 30 years building a life on. There may be a sadness to tearing down a home with so many memories within the walls, a house you have lived in for three decades, but only for a moment, because the foundation is being laid and framing has started, and now is when the magic starts to take place. All of the planning, designing, and dreaming comes to life. And while Liz and Alan are on the other side of the globe from their home in Austin, Texas, those stud walls bear the promise of future memories to come.

Native allows customers to choose their wall materials just like all other choices when building a home. A popular and affordable choice is advanced framing with 2X6 studs. Liz and Alan’s home is framed in such a manner. This method not only uses less lumber but creates less heat/cold transfer from the outside through the studs. Their foundation is a poured concrete slab, which creates a great deal of thermal mass. This thermal mass keeps the ambient temperature of the home warm in the cooler months and cooler in the hot Texas summers.

And with this, their new home begins to take shape….


Building a Net Zero House…Part Two

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