NATiVE Team of Green Builders & Renewable Energy Experts Dedicated to Greening Texas

Established in 2007, the NATiVE team has been at the forefront in providing green products and services to help make Texas the leader in renewable energy and sustainability. Comprised of a group of intelligent, forward-thinking, versatile, and compassionate Texans, the NATiVE team understands the inherent requirement for something to be sustainable.

Meet the NATiVE Team

Lloyd Lee

NATiVE Team - Lloyd Lee CEO

Lloyd was born and raised in Texas and has lived in the Central Texas area since 1992. Lloyd worked in construction during college, which spurred his interest in building. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Technology from Southwest Texas University, Lloyd worked in the high tech industry and gained an appreciation for using new technologies to solve old problems. His passion for building and interests in technology led him to pursue an active role in sustainable construction and renewable energy system integrations. At Native, Lloyd cultivates a culture of empowering team members to excel within their individual talents. Lloyd is very proud of his team and considers Native’s long term viability to be a direct result of the passion and hard work each person brings on a daily basis.

Thing that baffles me: People who focus on obstacles when solutions are there if you look for them.

Best vacation: My wife and I rented a private island in Bora Bora for our honeymoon.

During the weekend: I enjoy spending time on nearby lakes, rivers, and creeks with my family.

My favorite place on earth: In a hammock under a couple of oak trees (or palm trees).

I’m inspired by: My father who never considered inexperience or lack of formal training to be a reason to avoid trying something new.

Nick Ryza
Vice President

NATiVE Team - Nick Ryza COO

Nick was born in Austin and raised in Corpus Christi. He went to college at Texas A&M in Corpus Christi and spent many days surfing when he should have been in class. After graduating with a degree in Chemistry, he moved back to Austin and started his professional career in the Semiconductors Industry. He began in engineering and ended up in sales and on the side he found himself dabbling in construction. During this time, Nick met his future business partners, and helped to found Native in 2007. At Native, Nick is in charge of the company’s financial operations.

Thing that baffles me: How difficult my kids’ bedtime still is every night.

Best vacation: My best vacation was traveling to the Czech Republic with my family and meeting our distant relatives in the small town of Lidechko. It’s probably the largest collection of Ryza’s in the world!

Random fact: Native’s conception can be tied back to a few pints of Guinness at a pub in Dublin, Ireland.

Thing that inspired me to do what I do: Helping my parents build their home as a teenager. My parents then returned the favor when I wanted to build my home. One thing led to another…

David Dixon
Business Development

NATiVE Team - David Dixon Business Development Manger

David has been with Native since its beginning and at various times has overseen sales, marketing, and operations over the past ten years. Currently, he is the Business Development Manager. It is a dynamic and exciting environment and he continuously looks to improve the capabilities, comfort and sustainability of our homes. David earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science degree from the University of Connecticut in 1994. After five years in the HVAC industry, he returned to the University of Texas at Austin and earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus in environmental science and solar design in 2000.

Book that moved me: There have been several books that have shaped by world view. The first that comes to mind is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. This is a great read about the importance of quality.

Thing that inspired me to do what I do: My awakening to the potential of a clean energy future began with a seventh grade science fair project I did on the subject. This was in the early 80’s – when there was less than 10MW of PV installed in the entire US…and now we are over 50GW!

Thing most people wouldn’t believe about me: I was athletic enough to have played in the 1997 World Ultimate Frisbee Championship games.

Most serendipitous moment: Serendipitous moments happen all the time. They occur when you reach out to others. That simple act often results in unexpected opportunities.

Jason Duvall
Board Member

NATiVE Team - Jason Duvall VP of Construction

Jason earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology at Texas State University. He holds many certifications including: NAHB Certifications: Graduate Master Builder, Master Certified Green Professional, ARCSA Certified Rainwater Systems Installer and a Safety Certification: OSHA 30HR. Jason has over 13 years experience in the industry and has worked in every aspect of residential construction. At Native, Jason is the director of construction, Jason leads and supports his team, ensuring that construction operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Favorite Quotes To Live By or Life Slogans: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” and “Remember, happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”

Most Serendipitous Moment: 20 years ago I met my beautiful wife Lauren on a blind date and the rest is history.

Thing most people wouldn’t believe about me: My middle name is Gandalf.

My favorite place on earth: Easy, Austin, TX and the beautiful Hill Country, of course.

Cathy Redson
Senior Commercial Consultant

Cathy Redson

Cathy Redson has been in the solar industry since 2008. She is an IREC Accredited Solar Instructor and has taught solar classes at several community colleges, for the IBEW, and for countless solar professionals. In addition, Cathy holds both NABCEP PV Installation Professional snd Tecnical Sales Professional Certifications. Cathy joined NATiVE in 2014 as Director of Sales, and is now the Senior Commercial Consultant handling all of our commercial and industrial projects. Cathy is recognized as a leader in the Texas solar industry. When she is not working, Cathy enjoys working out and live music. has a MS in Education from Florida International University and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Les Wilcox
Project Manager

NATiVE Team - Les Wilcox Commercial PV Project Manager

At NATiVE I project manage commercial and Lennar home solar installations. I also perform residential sight assessments.

During the weekend I: Spend most of the time outdoors with the family. We do a lot of hikes, long runs, or bike rides around the Hill Country. Also we like to take the kayaks out to the local water holes.

My favorite place on earth: MacRea’s Peak, grandfather mountain, NC. At the peak there is a 360 degree vue of the blue ridge mountains.

Eric Jacobus
Project Manager

NATiVE Team - Eric Jacobus Project Manager
I am a project manager of new home construction at Native

Super power: Invincibility, I have never died once my whole life. Not even once!

Best Vacation: When I was younger I went to Montana for the summer with a friend of mine, it was the best summer ever. I was in a parade, went to Yellowstone, learned to heard sheep, rode 4 wheelers, drove a car for the first time, and fell in love with the outdoors.

Favorite quote: “All experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”. – American Declaration of Independence
And it’s so true, even though sustainability and renewable energy is clearly a better way to go most people won’t make the change only because it’s not what we have always done before.

Amie Diehl
Human Resources Manager

NATiVE Team - Amie Diehl Administrative/HR Manager

Amie is the Human Resources Manager at Native. She partners with business leaders to determine and implement HR programs that align with organizational needs and business objectives. She has an Economics degree from Texas Tech University, a SHRM-CP Certification and 15 years of business experience in Sales, Administration and Human Resources.

Guilty Pleasures: Zumba. Live Music. Broadway Musicals. Movie Nights. Horses. Iced Tea. Tex-Mex. Naps.

Random Fact About Me: I love to travel. Some of the exotic places I have visited are Russia, Sweden, Finland, England, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Shanghai. My favorite “go to” place is Laguna Beach.

I am inspired by: God. My family. My friends. Random people doing great things for others.

Why I do what I do: The need to protect the environment. The want to teach my kids how to be productive citizens. The hope that their world will be healthy and safe.

Jay Thomas
Lead Renewable Energy Consultant

NATiVE Team - Jay Thomas Renewable Energy Sales Manager
Phone: 855-253-6284 Ext 1002

What I do at Native: I am rewarded every day by helping people “go green” and invest in renewable energy and energy efficient systems. My area of expertise is solar, however I am interested in and ready to tackle any project that has a positive impact for my clients and this good green home we call Earth.

I am inspired by: the potential that renewable energy has to make our world a healthier, cleaner and happier place.

My favorite place on Earth: the forests of New Zealand, and I hope to return someday to walk among the ferns and trees (and tree ferns!)

My all time dream is to hike the entire length of the 2,663 mile long Pacific Crest Trail, South to North, in one season.

I would love to meet: Neil deGrasse Tyson and pick his brain about the future of space travel. He is my personal hero, and a fellow UT alumnus to boot.