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San Antonio Solar Program – The CPS Solar Rebate is Ending

If you are a customer of CPS Energy, the opportunity to own your own solar system at the lowest possible cost to you is nearing the end. CPS Energy has decided to end its hugely successful solar rebate program at the end of 2015. The time to go solar is NOW!

CPS Energy has been offering upfront solar rebates to its residential and commercial customers since 2009. This program has allowed over 2000 customers to install solar systems on their roofs cheaper than anywhere else in Texas. These systems are a great investment, and provide benefits to CPS Energy, CPS Energy customers, the city, and the community.

Rooftop solar energy is generated right where it is used. This is the most efficient way to utilize energy as it avoids any line loss or congestion costs associated with energy generated at remote power plants. Solar energy is 100% renewable and sustainable; it creates no emissions and uses no water. Solar power in San Antonio and surrounding areas produce electricity that CPS Energy does not have to buy. This allows CPS to sell power from their generation fleet in the market to other areas of the state.

As importantly for San Antonio (the #1 city in Texas and #7 in the USA for solar power capacity), solar installations result in significant creation of living wage jobs. It is estimated that over 500 industry jobs have been created as a result of the rise of the solar industry in San Antonio.

With all the benefits of solar that aggregate to the various constituents of San Antonio, we urge you to do two things:

  1. GO SOLAR! If you are interested in the lowest cost solar installation possible, then take advantage of the rebates now before they expire. In order to be assured that an installation can be completed by the end of the year (as required by the rebate program), you will need to start the process in the next 6-8 weeks.
  2. Email your council member and tell them that you support extending the CPS solar rebate program. There is plenty of Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) budget left that can enable CPS customers to realize the value of solar systems that they own.


The time to act on solar is now. Take advantage of the rebate now before it expires.

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