What is Residential Rainwater Collection (Harvesting)?

rainwater collectionWater conservation and development of water supplies is crucial for meeting the growing demand for clean water—and a key element of green home building. Rainwater collection (harvesting) is an innovative alternative water supply approach that captures, diverts, and stores rainwater for later use. This stored rainwater can be used as the primary potable water supply for a home after it passes through a filtration and purification process. Drinking water supplied from a rainwater harvesting system is typically a higher quality water than water supplied by municipality or water well due to the absence of fluoride, chemicals and a variety of hard minerals. We typically install residential rainwater harvesting systems that supply 100% of the home’s water demand.

In many areas, 30 to 50 percent of the total water is used for landscape irrigation. Capturing rainwater for use in landscape not only makes efficient use of such a valuable resource, but can greatly reduce water bills and reduce demand on local water supply.

A rainwater collection system consists of the supply (rainfall), the demand (water needed by humans, animals and plants), and a system for collecting water and moving it to the desired areas (pumps and piping).

Build NATiVE is a sustainable builder offering rainwater harvesting opportunities in Austin, San Antonio, Richardson, and all across Texas. Rainwater collection systems are a wise investment, good for you and your wallet. Coupled with a solar PV system, rainwater collection allows you to be free from renting your energy and water!

Rainwater Can Improve Your Texas Home

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