CPS Energy Extends Solar Rebate Program

Native is excited to have been involved closely with CPS Energy (https://www.cpsenergy.com/) and the San Antonio Solar Alliance in helping to craft a sustainable solar rebate program that will help homeowners and CPS to realize their energy goals. While some news stories have reported a few details of this brand new program, CPS Energy’s website has not yet published information concerning the changes.

With the price reductions and the steady maturation of the solar industry over the last several years, solar energy has moved into the mainstream in the Texas market and is well on its way to becoming the default energy source for much of the new electricity generation. In response to overwhelming demand from its customer base, CPS Energy is offering multiple programs that support distributed solar development in their service territory. While it can be a bit confusing to navigate these options, the result is a solar portfolio with options that will appeal to the vast majority of CPS Energy’s ratepayers.

What solar programs does CPS Energy have and what are the differences between them?
CPS Energy solar options can be broken down into three separate initiatives.

Private Ownership: CPS Energy is providing a rebate to homeowners and businesses that want to buy and own their own solar systems which is the solar rebate program that was recently extended. It is applicable to homeowners that have roofs or property that are ideal for solar. Clients that own their solar system are able to maximize the value of their energy since all of the energy credits flow back to the home or business owner. The new rebate amount has dropped, but it will still offset about 25-35% of the upfront system cost. Combined with the recently extended 30% Federal Tax Credit, this makes for a combined solar incentive of 55-65%.

Roofless Solar or Community Solar: These are all different terms that describe a solar model consisting of a centralized solar project. Multiple homeowners buy small chunks of this array and receive some credit for energy produced by their portion of the array. This option has a longer payback than private ownership, but this is an excellent solar option for renters or homeowners that have shaded or otherwise unsuitable roofs for solar.

Solarhost or SolarhostSA or Solar Roof Lease: With this option, customers lease their roof to a third party that installs and maintains a solar system. Customers pay nothing down and in return receive a small bill credit. This program is targeted to traditionally underserved areas in CPS Energy territory. Under this program, the building owner does not own the solar equipment or energy that it produces.

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