Announcing Partnership with 1Sun Solutions

1Sun Solutions

1Sun Solutions

AUSTIN, TEXAS – April 10, 2015 – NATiVE, a leader in green building and solar contracting, has finalized a formal partnership with 1Sun Solutions. 1Sun Solutions is an employee-owned installation company that offers industry leading solar installation expertise with over 40 years of combined experience in the field.

1Sun Solutions is comprised of NATiVE’s former installation teams and is managed by Brandon Gibbs. Brandon has 5 years of solar industry experience and a total of 15 years experience in construction management, most recently serving as NATiVE’s Solar Operations Manager. Brandon’s unmatched work ethic and attention to detail make him uniquely qualified to lead the 1Sun Solutions team.

The last few years have resulted in dramatic cost reductions in the solar industry, coming primarily from the equipment manufacturers. The largest area of cost control that a solar contractor has is installation cost reduction through increased efficiency. During this period of cost reductions, the industry has seen trends toward outsourced installations – similar to that of the building construction industry. NATiVE’s partnership with 1Sun Solutions provides the installation cost containment necessary to be competitive, while retaining ownership of the customer experience by working with the same team and culture that built its reputation for quality.

This unique business model was developed to allow Native to focus on design and project management while empowering 1Sun Solutions’ employees to progress their solar careers and build upon their proven track record. Establishing 1Sun Solutions as an employee-owned company resonates the quality message throughout the organization, with each employee owner taking a special sense of pride in their work. 1Sun Solutions’ team of NABCEP certified installers and licensed electricians helped create NATiVE’s reputation for industry leading workmanship and will continue to do so for NATiVE and other solar companies who are seeking high quality installation work.

About NATiVE
NATiVE is an industry leading green building and solar contractor. Native was named by Solar Power World as a top 150 national solar contractor and top 5 solar contractor in Texas and by Austin Business Journal as the 10th fastest growing business in the Austin area, as well as a top 10 custom home builder in the area. More information about Native can be found at www.Build

About 1Sun Solutions
1Sun Solutions is an employee owned company comprised of talented solar professionals who are responsible for over 10MW of installed capacity. 1Sun Solutions is built upon a foundation of quality workmanship and excellent customer service. More information about 1Sun Solutions can be found on their website.